About East Passage


East Passage Trading Company was created to share the extreme diversity of our world and her people.  By going the extra mile, or sometimes dozens of extra miles, through jungles, across deserts, up mountains or down rivers, we are able to trade directly with artists in their home villages and small towns who otherwise would be unable to themselves reach a global audience.  This is how we can provide unique one of a kind artistry from well off the beaten path.  

To keep true to our family’s belief of respecting, celebrating and cultivating our planet, we focus on providing the widest assortment of natural materials available which means renewable resources and minimal waste.  In the artistry we represent you’ll find sea agates newly mined from the ocean floor, hand-hammered Hill Tribe silver, carved jungle wood, bone and antler, mollusk shell, volcanic glass, coral, cotton, hemp and silk dyed with grass or orchid petals for vibrant colors, and more as we continue to discover how people have made use of the Earth’s own artistry.

Currently there has been a lot of focus on what effects industry is having on the planet because many believe that damage can not continue without irreversible consequences that will mean future generations must do without the natural spender we enjoy today.  At East Passage we believe strongly in the preservation of our resources and of our environment.  Our commitment to that belief is present in all aspects of how we do business.  Our price tags are printed on paper made from bamboo, not trees, because bamboo can be harvested and grown without the destruction of deforestation.  Misprinted materials are used as scratch or note paper within the company to avoid waste.  Most of our refuse can be composted but things like ink cartridges, some papers, cans, plastic and packing materials are recycled.  As we upgrade we consider who might be able to use and benefit from what we no longer need and donate electronics, office equipment, fixtures and even empty yogurt containers.  We’re proud that our donations enrich the programs for the children who attend our local Head Start, as well as many other not for profit organizations in our area.  It’s practices like these that allow us all not just to share our planet but to celebrate it.

Original Art & Tribal